This picture was sent by the nephew of  Charles Brown who was a member of the crew of this  B-17F stationed at Framlingham. The crew arrived in Framlingham approximately June or July, 1943. The name of  the plane was the "Pulsatin Polly". They were with the 390th Bomb Group, 569th Bomb Squadron, crew #17. The serial number of the plane was 42-30292.

The plane was shot down on its 13th mission on a mission to Bremen, Germany  on October 8, 1943. Six were killed in action (including Charles Brown ) and the remaining 4 were POW's.  It so happens  the town Charles Brown lived in in the States was Framingham., Massachusetts.

This is a photo of the crew, believed to have been taken in the States  before flying to Framlingham. The only members of the crew that are still  alive (November 2011) are James Helms and Albert Martin.

The names of the crew are as follows ---
Top Row. Left to right.
Robert Ross (Ball Turret Gunner) - KIA,  Charles Brown (Radio Operator/Gunner) - KIA, William Masters (Engineer/Top Turret Gunner) - KIA,  Albert Martin (Tail Gunner) - POW,  Harold Lambert (Waist Gunner) - POW,  James Helms (Waist Gunner) - POW.

 Bottom Row Left to Right.
 Owen Smith (Bombardier) - POW,  Marshall Shepherd (Pilot) - KIA,  Neil Murphy (Co-Pilot) - KIA, Jesse Wyatt (Navigator) - KIA